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Application Lifecycle Management (including Solution Manager) (ALM)
         Solution Manager
  Test Data Migration Server
  Test Acceleration and Optimization
  IT Service Management
  Resource and Portfolio Management
  Landscape Transformation
  Quality Center by HP
  Central Process Scheduling by Redwood
  Productivity Pak by RWD
  Extended Diagnostics by CA Wily
High Performance Analytic Appliance(SAP HANA)
         HANA Data Modeling
  HANA Database Administration
  HANA Security
  HANA Extended Application Services (XS)
  HANA Data Provisioning / Replication
                   Landscape Transformation Replication Server (SLT)
    Extract Transform and Load (ETL)
    Sybase Replication
    Direct Extractor Connection (DXC)

                              BODS - Business Objects Data Services (See "Analytics" tab)

         HANA Live
  HANA Studio
  Predictive Analysis Library (PAL)
  Energy and Environmental Intelligence
  BW on HANA
  HANA Programming (SQL, SQL Script)
  Abap on HANA
  HANA Cloud Integration

              BPC - Business Planning and Consolidation (See "Analytics" tab under "EPM") 

SAP Fiori
SAP Mobile Platform (previously MaaS)
Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
Convergent Charging
Customer Relationship Management
  Interaction Center
  WebChanel Management
  Partner Channel Management
  Mobile Solutions
  SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
         Product Safety
  Dangerous Goods Management
  Hazardous Substance Management
  Industrial Hygiene and Safety
  Occupational Health
  Waste Management
  Basic Data and Tools
  Global Label Management
EHS Management (EHSM)
         Environmental Compliance
  Incident Management
  Risk Assessment
  Product Compliance
  Mobile Apps

SAP ERP / ECC and Previous SAP Versions

Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
         Business Consolidation (BCS)
  Business Information Collection (BIC)
  Business Planning and Simulation (BPS)
  Corporate Performance Monitor (CPM)
  Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM)

Financial and Accounting Functions

Financial Accounting (FI)
         General Ledger Accounting
  Legal Consolidation
  Accounts Payable (AP)
  Accounts Receivable (AR)
  Bank Accounting
  Asset Accounting (AA)
  Lease Accounting
  Travel Management (TM)
  Special Purpose Ledger (SL)
  Record to Report (RTR)
Contracts Accounts Receivables and Payables
Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
         Treasury and Risk Management
  Biller Direct
  Cash Management
  Collections Management
  Credit Management
  Dispute Management
  In-House Cash
         Bank Customer Accounts
  Loans Management
  Collateral Management
  Strategic Enterprise Management for Banks
Controlling (CO)
         Cost Element Accounting
  Cost Center Accounting
  Internal Orders
  Activity Based Costing
  Product Cost Controlling
  Profitability Analysis
Investment Management (IM)
         Investment Programs
  Appropriation Requests
  Measures (Orders/Projects)
Enterprise Controlling (EC)
         Profit Center Accounting
  Executive Information System and Business Planning
Treasury (TR)
         Cash Management
  Cash Budget Management
  Treasury Management
  Loans Management
  Market Risk Management
Corporate Finance Management (CFM)
         Liquidity Planner
  In-House Cash
  Transaction Manager
  Portfolio Analyzer
  Market Risk Analyzer
  Credit Risk Analyzer
Incentive and Sales Force Management
Enterprise Controlling (EC)
         Profit Center Accounting
  Executive Information System and Business Planning
Real Estate Management and Flexible Real Estate Management
Public Sector Management
         Funds Management
  Grants Management
  U.S. Federal Government
  Fund Accounting
  Position Budgeting and Control
  Expenditure Certification
  Garnishment Management
Management of Internal Controls

GRC (end of this page under "Add-Ons")

Logistics Functions

Logistics - General
         Logistics Basic Data
  Batch Management
  Variant Configuration
  Engineering Change Management
  Configuration Management
  Logistics Information System
  Warranty Claim Processing
  Service Parts Management
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
         Document Management
  Engineering Change Management
  Case Management
  Engineering Workbench
  Recipe Management
  Configuration Management
Sales and Distribution (SD)
         Pricing and Conditions
  Credit and Risk Management
  Material Sorting
  Output Determination
  Scheduling Agreements
  Foreign Trade/Customs
  Payment Card Processing

Variant Configuration (further down this page under "PLM")

Global Trade Management
Agency Business
Materials Management (MM)
         Consumption Based Planning
  External Services Management
  Inventory Management
  Invoice Verification
Logistics Execution (LE)
         Decentralized Warehouse Management
  Warehouse Management
  Radio Frequency (RF) Solution
  Remote Logistics Management
  Trader's and Scheduler's Workbench (TSW)
  Task and Resource Management
  Yard Management
  Value Added Services
Plant Maintenance (PM)
         Equipment and Technical Objects
  Preventative Maintenance
  Maintenance Projects
  Maintenance Order Management
  Work Clearance Management
  Fleet Management
Customer Service (CS)
         Call Management
  Service Agreements
  Solution Database
  Installed Base Management
  Customer Interaction
Product Planning and Control (PP)
         Basic Data

          Sales and Operations Planning (See the "Analytics" tab under "EPM")

         Master Planning
  Capacity Planning
  Material Requirements Planning
  Production Orders
  Repetitive Manufacturing
Production Planning for Process Industries (PP - PI)

PS - Project Systems (further down this page under "PLM") 

Logistics Information System (LIS)
         Purchasing Information System
  Inventory Controlling
  Shop Floor Information System
  Production Planning and Control Information System
  Plant Maintenance Information System
  Quality Management Information System
  Sales Information System
  Retail Information System
  Transport Information System
  Project Information System

Human Resources Functions (HCM) 

Personnel Management
  Personnel Administration
  Personnel Development
  Compensation Management
  Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation
  Management of Global Employees
  Concurrent Employment
  Travel Management
  Pension Scheme
Talent Management (TM)
Position Budgeting and Control (PBC)
         Work Schedule
Time Management
         Shift Planning
  Time Data Recording and Administration
  Time Evaluation
  Incentive Wages
Training and Event Management
Organizational Management
Employee Self Service (ESS)
Manager Self Service (MSS)
SAP SuccessFactors / Talent Management
         SuccessFactors Performance & Goals
  SuccessFactors Succession and Development
  SuccessFactors Recruiting
  SuccessFactors Learning
  SuccessFactors Workforce Planning & Analytics
  SuccessFactors Compensation Management
  SuccessFactors Mobile Scenarios
  SuccessFactors Employee Central


Agricultural Contract Management
Master Data Governance (MDG)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
         Project Systems (PS)
    Claim Management
    Collaborative Engineering and Project Management
    Production Resources / Tools
    Revenues and Earnings
    Project Progress
         Quality Management (QM)
    Test Equipment Management
         Variant Configuration (VC)
         Engineering Change Management (ECH)
         Recipe Management
         Recipe Development
         Classification (CA - CL)
         Document Management System (DMS)
         Portfolio and Project Management (PPM)
         PLM for Discrete Manufacturing
         Batch Management
         Bill of Materials
         Material Master
SAP Sourcing
         Strategic Sourcing
  Contract lifecycle management
  Supplier management
Supplier Lifecycle Management
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
         Enterprise Buyer Professional (EBP)
  Bidding Engine (BE)
  Supplier Self Service (SUS)
  Master Data Management Catalog (MDM Catalog)
  Catalog Content Management (CCM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
         Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO)
                   Demand Planning (DP)
    Supply Network Planning (SNP)
    Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PPDS)
         Supply Network Collaboration
  Global Available to Promise (GATP)
  Supply Chain Cockpit
  Transport Planning / Vehicle Scheduling (TPVS)
  Service Parts Planning
  Inventory Collaboration Hub (ICH)

              Sales and Operations Planning (see "Analytics" tab under EPM)

Transportation Management
Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
Event Management
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
         Access Control
  Global Trade Services
  Process Control
  Risk Management
  Fraud Management
  Audit Management
  Environment, Health and Safety


Aerospace & Defense
Consumer Products
Apparel and Footwear Solutions (AFS)
Defense & Security
Engineering, Construction, and Operations
File Lifecycle Management
Higher Education & Research
High Tech
Industrial Machinery & Components
Life Sciences
Mill Products
Oil & Gas
Professional Services
Postal Services
Public Sector
Service Providers
Sports and Entertainment
Transportation & Logistics
Wholesale Distribution


Solution Manager (see "SAP Business Suite" tab under "ALM")

Business Warehouse (see "Analytics" tab)

Web Application Server (Web AS)
Enterprise Portal / NetWeaver Portal (EP)
Knowledge Management System
Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA)
Composition Environment
Decision Service Management
Process Integration (PI)
Exchange Infrastructure (XI)
Master Data Mangement (MDM)
Landscape Virtualization Management
Adaptive Computing Controller
Auto-ID Infrastructure
Identity Management
NetWEaver Gateway
Business Objects Explorer
Information Lifecycyle Management
Netweaver Developer Studio
Knowledge Warehouse
Visual Composer


Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
         Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC)
  Disclosure Management
  Financial Consolidation
  Financial Information Management
  Intercompany Reconciliation
  Notes Management
  Profitability and Cost Management
  Spend Performance Management
  Strategy Management
  Supply Chain Performance Management
  Sustainability Performance Management
  Financial Closing Cockpit
  Sales and Operations Planning
  Asset Analytics
  Rapid Deployment Solutions
  EPM for Midsize Companies
  Mobile Solutions for EPM
Business Intelligence
  Reporting (or Querying and Reporting)
  Crystal Reports
  Custom Development
  BW Extractors
  Process Chains
  Business Explorer (Bex) Analyzer
  BI Accelerator
  Design Studio
Business Warehouse (BW)
         Data Modeling
  Data Warehousing
  Data Mining
  Extract Transform and Load (ETL)
  Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  Data Objects
  Info Cubes
Business Objects (BOBJ)
         Business Objects Data Services (BODS)
  Web Intelligence
  Dashboard / Xcelsius
  Central Management Console (CMC)
  Universe Design and Creation
  Business Objects Data Integrator (BODI)
  Advanced Analysis
  Analysis for Microsoft Office (AO)
  Design Studio
  Information Design Tool (IDT)
  BEx Query building
  Information Platform Services (IPS)
  Framework Manager
Enterprise Information Management

GRC (see "SAP Business Suite" tab at the bottom of the page) 

Basis Administration (Basis)
  Client Server Technology
  Network Integration
  Abap Programming and Runtime Environment
  Basis Services / Communication Interfaces
  Computing Center Management System
  Upgrade General
  Change and Transport System
  Operating System Platform
  Database Interface, Database Platforms
  Front End Services
  Abap Workbench
  Documentation and Translation Tools
  Controls and Control Framework
  Business Management
  Computer Aided Test Tool
  Ready to Run R/3
  Authorization System Monitoring
         User Management and Authentication
  Profile Generator
  Network and Communication Security
  Data Storage Security
  Security in BW
  Security in HANA
  Security in BPC
Abap Programming
         Abap Workbench
  Web Dynpro
  Menu Painter
  Screen Painter
  Data Dictionary
  SAP Script
  Application Link Enabling (ALE)
  Web Application Builder
  Business Connector
  Business Server Pages
  Internet Application Server
  Mercator Report Painter
  ALV Reporting
  Report Writer
  Dialog Programming
  Repository Information System
  Smart Forms
  Web Services
         SAP Data Archiving
  Document Archiving
  Print List Archiving
  BW Data Archiving
Business Workflow
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
Application Link Enabling (ALE)
Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT (formerly CATT)
Computing Center Management System (CCMS)
Cross Application Components
         Commodity Management
  Drilldown Reporting
  Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
  CAD Interface
  CA Data Transfer
  Document Management
  Document Builder
  European Monetary Union: Euro (CA-EUR)
  Country Versions
  Notifications (CA-NO)
  Internal Service Request
  SAP Open Information Warehouse
  PDM Integration for AutoCAD
  Direct and Indirect Quotation for Exchange Rates
  SAP Business Partner (SAP BP)
  Classification (CA - CL)
  Business Framework Architecture (CA-BFA)
  General Application Functions (CA-GTF)

OpenText Suite for SAP
         Archiving & Data Archiving
  Digital Asset Management
  Document Access
  Document Presentment
  Employee File Management
  Extended ECM
  Portal Content Management
  Travel Receipts Management
  Vendor Invoice Management
SAP Syclo Mobile Apps
         Agentry Mobile Platform
  Work Manager
  Inventory Manager
  CRM Service Manager
  Rounds Manager
  Sales Manager
Cross Application (X-Apps)
         SAP Global Trade Services
  SAP xApp - Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence
  SAP xApp - Resource and Portfolio Management
  SAP xApp - Product Definition
  SAP xApp - Cost and Quotation Management
  SAP xApp - Integrated Exploration and Production
  SAP xApp - Sales and Operations Planning
  Emissions Management
SAP Business One
         Accounting and Financials
  Operations and Distribution
  Administration and Reporting
  Customer Relationship Management
SAP Business ByDesign

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