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  • Lower Rates

    Our clients prefer coming to us with their needs because we work hard to provide them with the highest quality consultants at lower rates than our competitors offer for a consultant with the same skills and level of experience. Read More
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  • Our Services

    Connect2Client provides highly skilled staffing resources for any SAP consulting need or full-time job requirement. We have worked on all versions of SAP from R/2 to the newest versions of SAP Netweaver and SAP ERP. Read More
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  • The Perfect Candidate

    Tired of sifting through dozens of resumes, many that are for unqualified candidates? WE WON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! We only submit a few resumes for each position and all will be candidates that meet your exact requirements. Read More
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SAP Consulting, Technical Support, and Supplemental Staffing

The Perfect Candidate

To provide the best SAP staffing services available we only represent the best consultants and full-time candidates.  We require all of our consultants to have a minimum of five years SAP experience from at least three different projects.  Additionally, we utilize an extensive four-step interview process to ensure each new candidate has the skills and level of expertise that our clients have come to expect from our candidates.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients is that so many of our competitors try to convince them to accept consulting candidates that are unqualified for their specific need.  In order to make sure we have candidates available who perfectly match the requirements for any of our clients’ needs, we have spent much of our time building a proprietary database of SAP consultants and full-time job candidates.  Our consultant database contains over 5,000 highly skilled SAP consultants and continues to grow on a weekly basis.  With so many SAP consultants available to us, we can provide our clients with candidates for their consulting needs in all modules of the SAP system:  from any of the original core modules to the newest additions in the SAP suite of software such as HANA, Analytics, Mobility, and Cloud based solutions.  Along with functional and technical consultants, our database also includes many outstanding project managers, trainers, and system testers, allowing us to be your one-stop shop for all your SAP consulting needs.  Similarly, our full-time candidate pool, numbering approximately 14,000, consists of super users, functional analysts, configuration experts, technical developers, systems types, on up to project managers, senior managers and CIO level candidates.