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  • Lower Rates

    Our clients prefer coming to us with their needs because we work hard to provide them with the highest quality consultants at lower rates than our competitors offer for a consultant with the same skills and level of experience. Read More
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  • Our Services

    Connect2Client provides highly skilled staffing resources for any SAP consulting need or full-time job requirement. We have worked on all versions of SAP from R/2 to the newest versions of SAP Netweaver and SAP ERP. Read More
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  • The Perfect Candidate

    Tired of sifting through dozens of resumes, many that are for unqualified candidates? WE WON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! We only submit a few resumes for each position and all will be candidates that meet your exact requirements. Read More
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SAP Consulting, Technical Support, and Supplemental Staffing

Lower Rates

Our second goal is to provide our resources at lower rates than our competitors.  We achieve this by keeping expenses low and passing those savings on to our clients. 

By far the largest expense for a consulting company is their staff.  Great employees are incredible assets to any organization, but SAP consultants can be very expensive to employ, especially when they aren’t actively billing a client.  The more consultants a company has on staff, the greater the chance some of them are not billing for large parts of the year which ultimately costs the company hundreds of thousands of dollars which they have to make up for by raising rates on their consultants who are billing a client.  Connect2Client only hires a small percentage of the consultants we work with and those we do hire are some of the very best who are always in demand.  The majority of the consultants we work with are independent consultants who are only paid when they are actively billing a client, meaning no extra payroll cost to Connect2Client.  This policy creates large financial savings which we can then pass on to our clients through lower rates!  The obvious concern about this practice is the quality of work of consultants who are not direct employees; however, we have been providing SAP consulting services for 15 years and have always received extremely high quality work from our independent consultants.  Also, keep in mind an employee who does a poor job for a client is only risking their job whereas an independent consultant who does a poor job for a client is risking their entire career!

Another way we help keep costs down for our clients is by helping to reduce travel expenses.  Because of our extensive network of consultants who are located all over the United States, we often have local consultants for our clients which eliminates the added cost of having to pay for travel expenses.